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New reports conflict with those of Mark Davis meddling

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders have been the talk of 2014 free agency for all the wrong reasons. The past three days have been a rollercoaster with only slight moments in which that coaster wasn't plummeting to the earth. Now after what appeared to be the worst news of all -- Rodger Saffold's voided contract and implications that Mark Davis made the decision on his own -- there comes another report which could stem the tide a bit.

The new report confirms everything from previous reports but one important distinction -- that it was Reggie McKenzie who made the call on Saffold.

According to sources close to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, MRI results revealed a torn labrum which Raiders team doctors said would require off-season surgery. Tafur says that though Davis was in strong support of the move, it was Reggie McKenzie who made the call.

Saffold was told initially by Raiders physicians that he was "fine". Then they came back the next day and told him the news of their findings. Saffold's agents sent the MRI results to an outside specialist who said everything checked out. The Rams also said he checked out fine and re-signed him to a 5-year deal of their own.

This in no way takes the stink off the initial deal or the voiding of it which leaves the Raiders now scrambling for a left tackle, but if it is true, it could help repair the growing image of dysfunction in Raiderland.

Then again, these things have a way of sticking around regardless of any new information or damage control attempts from the organization.