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Raiders sign DE Justin Tuck to two-year, $11M deal

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The Raiders have finally landed a defensive lineman in free agency. How will Tuck affect the team's pass rush?

Nick Laham

The Raiders have announced they have signed former Giants DE Justin Tuck. It is a reported 2-year deal worth $11 million.

This will be Tuck's tenth year in the NFL out of Notre Dame. He is listed at 6'5" and 268 pounds, which is excdellent size for a defensive end. He has compiled admirable stat numbers despite being on the same line for much of his career with such notable names as Jason Pierre-Paul, Michael Strahan, and Osi Umeniyora. His best season was 2008 when he amassed twelve sacks, but he nearly matched that production just last season and was one of the lone bright spots for the Giants defense.

It looks like Reggie sealed the deal after hosting Tuck for the last day or so, now we have to see if he can do the same with other players such as Lamarr Woodley and Jason Hatcher. This is an excellent start to rebuilding what was a non-existent pass rush for the Raiders, and it is a very reasonable deal for a guy who is nearing the end of his prime but still clearly has a ton left in the tank. Contract details will likely be forthcoming later in the day.