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Justin Tuck speaks of unexpected signing with Raiders, leadership, recruiting others to team

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I hopped on a conference call with Raiders new defensive end free agent signee, Justin Tuck. Here is the transcript of that call.

Did you see this coming, signing with Raiders?

"Last week I absolutely did not see it coming and wasn't necessarily on my radar at that point in time, but everything [escalated] pretty quickly. I'm excited, man, I really am. I like the direction that this team is talking about going in and I just wanna be a part of it. Obviously everyone knows the history of the Raiders, I just want to be part of the group that brings it back."

What was the appeal?

"I think the appeal was knowing what Reggie had done in previous spots he's been in. You get a true, honest feeling about him. The appeal is young talent needing leadership and the appeal is just getting the opportunity to start fresh. Obviously, everyone knows I love the New York Giants and I appreciate nine years of my career being that but I just want a fresh start and I think Oakland is definitely is a good place to be. Everyone knows the fan base is great out here and I'm looking forward to it."

You've won a couple Super Bowls already, what do you still hope to accomplish in your career?

"Win more Super Bowls. Everyone talks about ‘once you turn 30 it's all downhill', I don't believe that, I don't look at myself in that regard, I feel like I got a lot of great football left in me. I think the assets that I bring to this team off the field are gonna be tremendous also, as far as leadership and just how I interact with the community and become integrated with Raider Nation and that's something that I'm looking forward to doing."

Have you tried to recruit Woodley and Hatcher and others to join Raiders?

"Absolutely. I already put my words in with both those guys and obviously they have decisions to make and hopefully we can get guys like that, guys that are used to winning and know what it takes to win and play good football will obviously help us rebuild this thing. So, yes I will be a recruiter."

How does your skill set fit into what Dennis Allen wants to do with the defense of the Raiders?

"I think I mesh well with it. I had the opportunity to look at some film while I was here and the terminologies. Our scheme now is very much like what we were in with the Giants, so I think I will fit in really well and hopefully build on the great year I had last year and continue to do so."