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Antonio Smith says he brings a "cowboy, soothesayer, ninja" to Raiders

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders newest addition is one Antonio Smith. Smith has played ten seasons in the NFL, mostly as a defensive end. He comes to the Raiders as a versatile defensive lineman who can play at either defensive end spot but is more likely to be the team's next 3-technique defensive tackle.

He is a bit eccentric in true Raiders style as he showed when asked what he brings to the Raiders:

"What do I bring to this team?," said Smith. "The many faces of Antonio, that's what I bring to this team. There's a lot of them: cowboy, soothsayer, ninja. I'm just an all-around everything, a jack of all trades."

He is known as "The Ninja" and he embraces the nickname, along with, clearly a few other colorful descriptions of him whether they be self given or otherwise.

"I've always been an enemy in the Black Hole, so I've never seen what it felt like," Smith continued. "But I sure am excited to be a warrior in the Black Hole now, to put on that black and silver and go out there and gridiron it up. I think that's just at the heart of me. I'm just an old school, gridiron, get down and dirty player."

"I'm really excited. I really like what's going on here. I like the new add-ons and I'm ready to get after the passer."

He will have the opportunity to rush the passer but he is just the latest in the Raiders' focus on rushing the passer the past two days. Thursday they added defensive end Justin Tuck and outside linebacker Lamarr Woodley who will be switching to defensive end.

"There is a commitment to get better [in Oakland], there is a commitment to try and make this defense a great defense. Both those guys are guys that I've watched over the years, especially Tuck, I've always kept my eye on him. I think he does a lot of the same things I do. I'm excited to be able to rush with him and work with him."