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Raiders Free Agent Wishlist: Best of what's left on offense

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The first couple waves of free agency have already happened and most of the top options are gone. But there are still a few players out there to be had and at this point, the bargain shopping really begins.

The Raiders still have a lot of needs left to be filled or upgraded. The top positions on offense the Raiders still have a need are left tackle, quarterback, guard, wide receiver, and running back. With those positions in mind, here are the best players still available.


OT  Donald Penn - Penn was cut when the Buccaneers signed free agent Anthony Collins. Really the only viable free agent option left on the market after letting Jared Veldheer leave and then all the other OT's signing elsewhere during the Rodger Saffold fiasco.

QB  Ryan Fitzpatrick -- The Titans released Fitzpatrick recently. He would be a viable option as a starter to compete with Matt McGloin or to mentor whomever the Raiders draft. McGloin has been compared to Fitzpatrick so the two would work well together and the offense wouldn't have to change regardless of which is in the game.

QB  Josh Freeman - The Raiders may be the only team with significant interest in Freeman due to his ties with Greg Olson, although it might not happen anytime soon as they wait for the inevitable release of Matt Schaub.

OG  Garrett Reynolds - All the really good guards signed to new teams very quickly and the Raiders missed the boat. Reynolds is a decent option. One of very few.

OG  Richie Incognito - Technically, he is one of the better guards in football. Although, he is another who likely will not be signed by anyone until training camp. That's when injuries start to pile up and desperation outweighs the risk in adding a player with Incognito's off field problems into the fold.

WR  James Jones - It is a bit surprising he is still on the market. Usually it is a case of a player overvaluing himself. Whatever his price, it will come down as the days pass and he remains unsigned. He is a Bay Area native (San Jose). He isn't the number one guy the Raiders need but he would add a nice weapon as a big possession receiver and redzone threat.

RB  Maurice Jones-Drew - He is wearing down at age 29 but a trip home to the Bay Area as well as a limited role in a running-back-by-committee situation would get the most out of this former All Pro back.

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