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Donald Penn thinks Josh Freeman would be good fit in Oakland

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Free agency is moving along for the Raiders as they fill many of the needs they had coming into it last week. The most recent addition was left tackle Donald Penn. Still remaining is a veteran quarterback which the Raiders have said they would like to add.

One such veteran QB whose name has been mentioned a lot with regard to the Raiders is the guy for whom Penn used to block and Raiders offensive coordinator, Greg Olson, used to draw up plays -- one Josh Freeman.

The Raiders have had rumored interest in Freeman since his release from the Buccaneers midway through last season which suggests that he has Olson's seal of approval. A great place to get a second opinion is the man who had to protect his blindside for four plus years.

"I think he would fit in well (in Oakland)." said Penn of Freeman. "He had some his best seasons too under Greg Olson and his offense. If Josh would come, I would love to block for him again or whoever I gotta block for. I would love to welcome Josh if it does happen."

After Freeman was released was when things got rough for Penn in Tampa. As he explains it, it was one of the main factors that contributed to him having the worst season of his career.

"I don't want to make excuses - that's not me. But there was a lot of stuff with the organization that I am not going to speak on. I had six different guards throughout the year playing next to me. Two different quarterbacks and it was tough playing from behind a lot and stuff like that. A lot of stuff went into it but that's the past. I'm ready to move on and I'm looking forward to turning this thing around this season coming up."

A lot has been made of Freeman's apparent lack of leadership as well as his being part of the league's substance abuse program -- the revelation of which being another shady thing the Buccaneers organization pulled of late. But prior to last season, he was a 4000-yard passer and averaged over 3500 yards over three seasons. Those were also some of Donald Penn's best seasons when he named the Bucs franchise player and went to a Pro Bowl.