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Texans signing Ryan Fitzpatrick could signal Matt Schaub out in Houston

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The Texans have made a move to nab the top available free agent quarterback, signing Ryan Fitzpatrick, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. He became a possibility for the Raiders when he was cut by the Titans this off-season, but the thinking has been the Raiders top choice, should he become available, has been Matt Schaub. His availability could be forthcoming.

There were reports out there that the Raiders had flirted with the idea of trading for Matt Schaub. It would very likely have required Schaub to restructure his current deal which carries a $10.5 million cap hit this year. The parameters of any trade would also have included a low round pick and possibly a future pick.

The Texans were expected to wait until June 1st to release Schaub if no trade could be made. With the Fitzpatrick signing, Schaub's release is expected to coincide.

Interest in Schaub's services have come from the Raiders and Browns, both of whom still have a lot of cap room to spend and a need at quarterback.