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2014 NFL Draft: Raiders have doubts quarterback they want will fall to them

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Quarterback has been a priority this off-season for the Raiders. The plan was to bring in a veteran starter for this season and draft his eventual replacement. Matt Schaub became the player the Raiders nabbed and acquiring him took on a bit more urgency in light of the fact that the Raiders have doubts the guy they like in the draft will be available when they pick.

"We did feel like [Matt Schaub] was a player that we may have a chance to either work a trade for or that he may be released," said Greg Olson in Friday's press conference. "But as we got closer to the draft and your evaluation process... you realize that you can't possibly count on a quarterback falling to you in the draft and so you'd better have a plan."

As I mentioned and Olson reiterated, the Raiders plan all along was to bring in a veteran quarterback this off-season. He also went on to say that Matt Schaub was the team's "number one target from day one."

But the Raiders were unwilling to wait for the possibility that Schaub could get released. He has gone from stop gap to contingency plan and it has a lot to do with the evaluation of the quarterbacks in this class as it relates to where they are expected to be drafted.

For Olson's part, he was on hand with what appeared to be every team in the NFL to witness Blake Bortles have a stellar pro day this week. Many, including myself, already had Bortles as the top overall pick or certainly as going in the top four. It's very possibly he was the guy the Raiders liked and with it looking as if he will be off the board before they can pick, a backup plan was even more crucial.