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Mark Davis sending cryptic messages about Los Angeles

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Last season was to be the Raiders' final one in their current stadium situation in Oakland Coliseum aka The hope was to have a new place to play by now, but the best they could do was to have something in the works.There have been several options presented to the Raiders, some of which are in Oakland or the surrounding area. But the tantalizing prospect remains Los Angeles.

Raiders owner, Mark Davis, wants Oakland fans to know his first priority is to stay. But at the same time, he must send the message that they absolutely can't take that for granted. That things are still very much unsettled and without continued efforts, Los Angeles is a very real possibility.

At the owners meetings Monday, Davis spoke to the media. The question inevitably came up about a possible move to LA, and the opportunity to send that message arose.

Davis chose his words wisely. In other words "Raiders fans have nothing to worry about until they do." But his, as La Canfora put it "awkward" pause is not accidental. Davis knew he was going to get that question. He had an answer prepared.

Part of that answer was adding the pause as it sends its own message and it is reminiscent of the gladiator movies with the emperor holding his thumb sideways as the crowd waits in suspense.

This time, Davis, gave the thumbs up, but it is only a stay of execution so long as the stadium situation is unresolved.

That message was expounded upon in an interview with CSN Bay Area's Scott Bair over the weekend.

"We're not done in Oakland. We're trying really hard, and we'll see how that goes," Davis said. "But Los Angeles is something that I've definitely thought about and haven't pursued. There are other places as well. Until we can find out if Oakland is real, then I'm still staying in Oakland. If we can get something done in Oakland, I will stay in Oakland.

"If in fact that can come to fruition, we'll be a part of that. If not, then we have to figure out what to do. What we've done is sign a one-year extension to our lease and we'll play (at the Oakland Coliseum) this season. At the end of this season, we have to determine what's going to happen."

"I know that we would be well embraced down there. There's no question about that."

The Raiders' extended on their lease with for this season but after that, Davis and the Raiders must make a decision. If a new stadium in Oakland comes to fruition, they will stay. If not, LA is calling.