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Terrelle Pryor time with Raiders looks to be coming to an end

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There have been rumblings all off-season about the possibility of the Raiders seeking to move quarterback Terrelle Pryor in a trade. Reggie McKenzie spoke with media today where he said the likelihood of Pryor's time in Oakland coming to an end is becoming very real.

Late last season, Pryor got in some hot water when his agent told local media that Dennis Allen was setting up his client to fail by starting him in the team's season finale. Pryor scrambled to try and do damage control, apologizing for his agent's comments, but even when asked plainly if he agreed with those comments, he didn't deny it.

In what seemed inevitable as an attempt to save face, Pryor eventually fired his agent a month later.

Pryor began last season as the starter after Matt Flynn played poorly enough to lose the starting job out of preseason. Then by midseason, following four games with a passer rating in the low 40's, Pryor was benched in favor of undrafted rookie, Matt McGloin.

Though the team would win just one game under McGloin the remainder of the season, there was a notable improvement in the play of the offense.

Pryor was given the final game of the season to showcase his talents to the Raiders and the rest of the NFL to try and prove he was worthy of a starting quarterback job.

Now the Raiders have acquired Matt Schaub in trade with the Texans and Dennis Allen has named him the starting quarterback. Pryor was likely thinking it would be an open competition and now knowing it is not, he wants out.

He and his agent think he has done enough to warrant a starting quarterback job in the NFL. We'll soon see if another team thinks so too.