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Report: Raiders represented Jared Allen largest offer

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Hannah Foslien

The last remaining big time pass rusher on the market was former Vikings' sack specialist, Jared Allen. The Raiders have made no bones about their need for pass rushers and now's Ian Rapoport is reporting the Raiders offered up the most cash to try and sign him.

This is not a huge surprise, really. The Raiders had the most money to spend and the offer likely occurred early in the process. But Allen is a potential future Hall of Famer who is in the twilight of his career with no Super Bowl ring. The Raiders didn't stand a chance of signing him.

Allen, who had visited several teams including the two Super Bowl clubs, the Seahawks and Broncos, decided to sign with the Bears. It was for the same reason that former Raiders defensive end Lamarr Houston opted to head to Chicago -- a better quarterback situation and chance of winning.

While Allen was still out there late in free agency, the ship had pretty much sailed as the Raiders had moved on and went with Justin Tuck and Lamarr Woodley to fill their need for pass rushers.