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Matt Schaub contract details confirm low risk deal

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Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders restructured Matt Schaub's contract upon trading to acquire him from the Houston Texans last week. Up to this point there were reports of Schaub's new contract. Those reports had some of the major details like his 2014 cap hit but didn't break down the contract in more specific detail including the total value of it including future numbers.

Here are the exact details of his contract according to various sources including CSN Bay Area's Scott Bair:

The deal is for two years. His original deal with the Texans had three years remaining so this takes a year off of that.

It carries a total of $13.5 million with $8 million guaranteed.

That is a $4.5 million base salary with a $3.5 million roster bonus already paid out. There is another $3 million in incentives for things like playing time, starts, making the Pro Bowl, wins, and taking the Raiders to the playoffs. If all were met, it would bring his 2014 salary up to basically what it would have been with his old contract ($11 million).

A roster bonus is not to be confused with a signing bonus. There is no proration on the roster bonus which means it will not be spread over to next season's cap figure.

What this means is if after this season the Raiders wish to cut Schaub, they can do so with no dead money left behind.

His 2015 base salary carries a $5.5 million, none of which is guaranteed with no bonuses attached. A pretty meager salary if the Raiders decide they want to keep him.

If he were everything they hoped he could be, I could easily see his contract being redone after this season.