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DeSean Jackson released, Raiders reported interest

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Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles have had wide receiver DeSean Jackson on the trading block for a couple weeks now. The Eagles wanted him gone and were hoping to get something in return. The reports suggested they wanted a third round pick. But that was a tough sell considering Jackson came with an $11 million price tag.

At one time it was reported the Raiders were among the teams interested in making a trade for him. Shortly thereafter, that information was a bit overblown because the Raiders were no more interested in taking on that salary than anyone else. And Reggie McKenzie is reluctant, bordering on completely unwilling to give up a draft pick that high.

The interest in Jackson was only if he were a free agent. That means no pick given up and the freedom to work out a deal on their own and see if they could come to an agreement that was feasable for both sides.

Talent wise, it makes perfect sense for the Raiders to be interested. He is a three-time Pro Bowler who averages over 1000 yards per season. Over his six NFL seasons, he is third in the league in yards per catch (17.2). He also returns kicks. That's the kind of production the Raiders haven't seen since Tim Brown in the late 90's.

The concern here would be attitude. Jackson was said to have been missing team meeting to hang out with his friends and his attitude was wearing thin with new head coach Chip Kelly.

The Raiders front office and coaches have shown an unwillingness to deal with players with the character issues Jackson is said to have. So, everything else would have to line up for them to take that risk. Plus now it depends a great deal if there are other teams who are more willing to take that risk and for how much.

Jackson grew up in Southern California and played college football at Cal so this would be a homecoming of sorts for him.