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Maurice Jones-Drew calls out bandwagon 49ers fans "Pick a team and stay with them"

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders have brought former De LaSalle football start and Antioch (East Bay) California native, Maurice Jones-Drew to play for them. In doing so he gets to come back and play for the team he grew up a fan. He made it clear in a conference call today that he was a Raiders fan through but he can't say the same for a lot of other people he knows who switched allegiances when times got tough.

"I was a Raiders fan," Jones-Drew said emphatically. "It's funny, the Bay Area cracks me up, man. There's certain people that I know, I won't say any names who were Raiders fans growing up and now that the Niners are doing well, they're Niner fans now. So, it's uh... some people are just funny."

"Just pick a team and then stay with them through the good and the bad."

The former All Pro back also said he is glad to be able to return and play in front of his family and friends who rarely got to see him all the way in Jacksonville.

"It feels great," Jones-Drew said of his return to the Bay Area. "I've spent every off-season here. It's something where everything worked worked out. My kids don't have to move around anymore, they can stick in one school, I can play in front of my grandmother who rarely got to see me in Jacksonville because of the flying situation. It's a blessing you know, just to be able to start my career here in the Bay Area in Antioch and be able to finish here in Oakland. It's gonna be an exciting couple years here."