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DeSean Jackson, Raiders have a mutual interest

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Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

According to's Ian Rapport, both the Raiders and DeSean Jackson have a mutual interest.

The Raiders and the Chiefs appear to be the front runners in the "DeSean Jackson Sweepstakes" with several teams on the outskirts.

Jackson is coming off a Pro Bowl year in which he caught 82 passes for 1,332 yards and 9 touchdowns. Yet, the Eagles released him on Wednesday. The release likely had little to do with his performance on the field or his contract. It was based on his behavior off the field.

Jackson has been affiliated with gang ties and according to, displayed a bad attitude and an inconsistent work ethic within the Eagles' facilities. These reports should serve as a major red flag to interested teams. Teams will have to decide how dangerous Jackson's off-field behavior is, and if it is worth his production on the gridiron.

The Chiefs have a major advantage because Andy Reid coached Jackson for five years in Philadelphia. The Raiders on the other hand have researched Jackson for weeks trying to decipher the background that Reid is already familiar with.

It is no surprise Jackson has expressed interest in the Raiders. According to Ian Rapport, the Raiders were Jackson's favorite team growing up. Oakland is also near his Alma Mater, U.C. Berkeley. With the cap space the Raiders have, they can offer him a more lucrative contract than other competitors.

The Raiders certainly have the money to acquire Jackson, all they need is trust.