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DeSean Jackson gaining strong support among NFL player ranks

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Rob Carr

The NFL players both current and former are coming out of the woodwork in support of DeSean Jackson. Most of it surrounds his alleged gang ties. What started out sounding like Jackson was a shady character with concerns that beckoned the name of Aaron Hernandez and Rolando McClain is actually sounding more like some trumped up nonsense at this point.

The first to go off about it was former 8-year NFL running back, Derrick Ward.

Then Richard Sherman chimed in and posted this tweet with a picture of he and DeSean Jackson on the same little league team when they were kids:

If you're looking for a current Raiders player to step up and say something, you got it. Charles Woodson was asked about it in a radio interview Friday and he said "Bring him in. He would look good in Silver & Black.:"

Then it was Pro Bowl fullback Marcel Reece who backed DeSean with this tweet:

If the player support wasn't enough, the mere fact that a reported nine teams have shown interest in Jackson should be a good sign as well.