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DeSean Jackson update

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Rob Carr

On Friday, the Philadelphia Eagles released Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson. The move was said to have been due in part to Jackson's alleged gang ties. According to,  the Eagles were also concerned with Jackson's bad attitude, inconsistent work ethic and missed meetings.

On Saturday, both the Raiders and Jackson expressed a mutual interest. But the Raiders are not the only team interested in Jackson's services.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Jackson has drawn interest from nine teams. As of Friday, the Kansas City Chiefs appeared the front-runners to acquire the three-time Pro Bowler. But according to's Ian Rapport, the Chiefs are now out of the hunt.

That leaves the Oakland Raiders and Washington Redskins as the favorites to land the controversial wide receiver. The Redskins will have the first chance to negotiate with Jackson on Monday when he is scheduled to visit the team. Meanwhile, the Raiders have been researching Jackson's background for weeks.

Raider fans have taken notice and are trying to convince Jackson to make Oakland his home. Only time will tell which jersey DeSean Jackson will wear in 2014. But for now, Raider Nation can continue to wish and hope for #DJaxToOakland.