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Carlos Rogers says what his role will be with Raiders

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I got on a conference call with recently signed Raiders cornerback, Carlos Rogers, where he spoke of his joining the Raiders including his role with the team and what he brings to the table. Here is the transcript of that call:

Q: Can you talk a little bit about getting to play here with Tarell Brown and what you guys can bring to this defense?

"It's going to be fun. We're two older guys that can bring experience, can bring leadership, can bring a lot of stuff to the table. I've played in a lot of different defenses and it's not hard to come over here and learn this defense and this terminology. We were a big part of the puzzle that turned San Francisco's defense around, so hopefully we can translate that over here and be even better."

What do you think your role will be on the Raiders defense?

"I don't know. I'm going to start out, most definitely, trying to translate our terminology and learn this terminology over here, especially in that nickel spot.  I don't want to say you can plug anybody outside, but being an outside corner is easier to learn. Nickel, you're dealing with the linebackers, you're dealing with the D-Line, you're dealing with your corners and your safeties, so it's going to be a big part of what I need to do. I need to learn all the terminology and get the nickel spot down. I'm going to have a big opportunity to compete on the outside for a starting spot as a corner. For me personally, my biggest role is going to be making sure I've got all the nickel stuff down."

What is about your game that has made you so successful?

"I think first of all I've had good coaches to teach me. And then, with experience comes play. You can't just throw somebody in there and say ‘this is the nickel, and this is what you play.' Along with that experience, I think toughness, being able to tackle, and you've got to have a big mental game because you can play one coverage then a slot receiver moves, and your whole coverage changes. I think more mental and experience and ability to do a lot of things that allow other guys to be free to play different coverages."

A lot of the guys the Raiders have signed this offseason talked about having a chip on their shoulder. Is that sort of the approach you have right now?

"I don't really think there's a chip on my shoulder; nothing against my old team. Of course when you play your old team, you want to go back and beat them. We get that opportunity here. But, I think my focus is I want to continue to win and I want to continue to be a big part of helping to turn this organization around, like I did in San Francisco and continue to win and try to get to that Super Bowl and win it. I don't have any hatred for San Francisco. I had three great years of my career there. So, there's no hatred. It's nothing that they didn't want me, it's just things didn't work out. The way they wanted it and of course things didn't work out how I wanted but I am over here, and I am glad to be over here."

What do you think of the moves that the Raiders have made, bringing in a lot of players that know how to win? Was that part of the attraction to coming here, knowing that there are a lot of guys here with experience in big games?

"Yes, that was a big part of it. Part of it is they were one of the teams that definitely stayed after me throughout the process. Regardless of where I want to play, you are going to have a team that wants you just as much as you want to be there. I have been watching the progress of a lot of teams. The Raiders have been one of the teams that have been more active in the offseason, trying to turn things around. I see where this team is going and it wasn't hard to come here and finalize the deal. Especially playing with Tarell and I have been good friends with Charles Woodson since I've been in college, it was easier to come here and play with them. Plus, I just have to move myself from one place to another, right across the bay."