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2014 NFL Draft: Raiders creating quite a smokescreen at quarterback

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you keep up with the Raiders news as far as drafting a quarterback (and I know you do), at this point you probably have no friggin' idea who the Raiders like. There is such an influx of information out there these days that the Raiders don't have to work too hard to thoroughly confuse the s#*t out of everyone -- just the way they like it.

During Senior Bowl week, reports surfaced the Raiders were showing a lot of interest in Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd. And while Boyd is not near a first round pick, many think the Raiders could give him a look in the mid rounds. I thought at the time that somewhere in that conversation with Boyd, the question "So, what are your thoughts on Sammy Watkins?"

Come the scouting combine, the smokescreens were getting thick. First it was Mark Davis saying he was "very impressed" with Johnny Manziel which in itself may be truthful but not so much so to suggest for certain they would pick him at five overall -- or pick him at all.

We had an interview with Derek Carr during the combine as well and he said the draft analysts projecting him as a second round pick and questioning his pocket presence didn't mesh what he was being told by GM's and coaches. Then last week, Sam Farmer of the LA Times put out his mock draft in which he said the word out of the combine was the Raiders favored Derek Carr and had them choosing Carr at five overall with Manziel still on the board.

That leaves just two quarterbacks among the top guys yet to be mentioned -- Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater. Well, Todd McShay has that covered with his latest mock draft. Though he has them taking Sammy Watkins, it's only because Bortles and Bridgewater are off the board.

"I think that if Bortles or Bridgewater drops to the Raiders at No. 5 they'd be very happy, but if not they'd love to trade back (I'm not sure that Manziel is what they're looking for at QB)." said McShay.

Either McShay was given a "tip" about who the Raiders liked or he is going with the idea that since the Raiders haven't given any indication they liked either player, that is an indication in itself that they do like them. After all, it almost never fails that Raiders draft picks had no idea the team would pick them.

So, apparently the Raiders are in love with every quarterback in the draft. Or that's what they would love for you to believe. I suddenly see Reggie McKenzie in his chair doing a Mr Burns, "Excellent".