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To earn the fans respect Dennis Allen must allow himself to be more personable

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Justin Sullivan

Dennis Allen is the head coach of the Oakland Raiders for another season, but he has a long way to go to gain the trust and hearts of the Raider Nation. The fans need to see something more from Dennis, not just in the record but also in his personality. He has been here for two years and the fans still do not really feel like they know him, they have not been able to embrace him in the very least.

When you hear the players talk about Coach Allen there is definitely a respect and admiration for him. The players know him and trust him, but they must see a side of him that he has not shown the fan base. It will be very interesting to see if he is capable of letting the fans get to know him a little bit better this season, because there must be more to him if the players like him as much as they do.

One of the biggest issues with this Raiders team is a lack of an identity, and it is hard not to wonder how much of that is related to the lack of personality shown outwardly by Dennis Allen. He doesn't have to be likeable, but something more than what he has shown would be nice. Hue Jackson might have had some flaws, but having a true identity was not one of them.

Now that the Raiders have all this money to play with this season the excuses are long gone, and hopefully that fact will help bring Coach Allen's personality a little bit more to the forefront. Lacking confidence in the roster definitely could have tainted his responses to the media, and in turn that would have tainted the image he created with the fans.

With the proper players to implement everything he promised he would do when hired maybe we will get to know Dennis a little bit more this season. He needs to figure out a way to start enforcing his will more and to start being a more aggressive personality both in coaching and with the media. His standard, evasive quotes will not do him any favors in finally winning over our rabid fan base.

If his personality doesn't start shining through the fog then the Raiders will probably suffer. They need an identity and that identity has to be brought from the head coach. Then again if he starts winning it will feel a lot better even if he is still just as boring as ever. If that is how he ends up solving the problem then that is just fine too!