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DeSean Jackson deal in Washington uncertain, next stop could be Bay Area

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

With DeSean Jackson as the hot name out there right now, the NFL world is watching his movement like a hawk with a Hubble telescope. He met with the Redskins today and reports have him as having left the facility afterward, yet to finalize a deal. A deal is not imminent but it is also still very possible. In the midst of these discussions, a new player has entered the game -- the San Francisco 49ers.

The Redskins are still hopeful a deal can be reached to have Jackson signed today but if that doesn't happen, he could be hopping a flight across the country headed for the Bay Area.

Both the 49ers and Raiders have done extensive research on Jackson's alleged gang ties in Los Angeles and after said research, the Raiders are still pushing hard to sign him and the 49ers are as well. The LAPD had said this weekend that they do not have Jackson connected to LA gangs. With that being one of the concerning factors with regard to DeSean Jackson's release in Philadelphia and bringing him to the West Coast, the results of their search seem to have been positive.

With both Bay Area teams interested in his services, it may behoove Jackson to hold off on signing anything with the Redskins and make the trip. The 49ers can offer a stable team and a real chance of winning, the Raiders can offer money. The Redskins best asset is the chance to play his old team twice a year.

We should soon find out where is priorities lie.