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Raiders release veteran guard Mike Brisiel

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Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders have released offensive guard Mike Brisiel after two seasons with the team. Brisiel was the new regime's biggest free agent signing two seasons ago coming over from the Houston Texans. He signed a 5-year deal but only saw two seasons of that deal.

The veteran guard has struggled with injuries during his two seasons with the Raiders. This should have come as little surprise for the Raiders considering he had only once completed a full season in the NFL. He was also a zone guard and the Raiders switched to the power blocking scheme last season.

He only missed two games in his two seasons with the Raiders but he left several games with injury and his play suffered from lingering injuries in other games. In the 2012 season, his play was severely affected by and ankle injury nearly the entire season.

The moves the Raiders had been making this off-season suggested Brisiel was on his way out. They brought in former right tackle Austin Howard and have said numerous times he is destined for right guard. They also re-signed Khalif Barnes and signed free agent guard, Kevin Boothe.

The move frees up $1.38 million in salary cap space.