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Jacoby Ford lands in New York with Jets

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Raiders wide receiver and return man, Jacoby Ford has finally found a home. He has signed with the New York Jets. When the Raiders didn't re-sign Jacoby Ford, there were a few NFL analysts out there who were a bit surprised by this. For those who actually followed his time with the Raiders, there was no real surprise.

Ford roared out the gates as a rookie, returning three kicks for touchdowns and showing some heroics as a receiver in a win over the Kansas City Chiefs that season. He had another return touchdown his second season before being lost for the season with an injury. He has shown nothing since then.

Since that first big injury, he has been a member of the walking wounded more often than not and missed the entirety of the 2012 season with a Lis Franc foot injury.

Last season was to be Ford's last opportunity to show he could be the slot receiver and return man the Raiders needed him to be. He showed quite the contrary. He not only wasn't making plays in the return game but he was making mistakes -- muffing punts and fumbling. And as a receiver, he was persona non grata.

By season's end, he was a dead man walking. The former starter full of big play potential was a healthy scratch the final three games of the season as he waited out the season and his eventual free agency.

And for those who can't believe he was allowed to walk, there is a reason it took three weeks into free agency before he signed a contract with a team.