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Raiders attend individual workout with Oregon defensive back Terrance Mitchell

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Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon cornerback Terrance Mitchell didn't get to have a proper pro day at his school last month because he strained his hamstring. That was supposed to be the day he showed NFL people that his 4.63 40-yard-dash at the scouting combine was not indicative of his actual speed.

Because of the missed opportunity, he staged an individual pro day as his high school in Sacramento. That is just a couple hours up the freeway for the Raiders and they made sure they were represented to get a look at him according to FOX's Ross Jones.

The 6-0, 190 pound cornerback didn't disappoint. He clocked a 4.43 40-yard-dash which was a considerable improvement -- a full .20 of a second which is a huge difference. Where previously he may have dropped off the radar for many teams, this helps a great deal.

"I'm feeling good right now," Mitchell told "As of yesterday, I was upset because I wasn't as recognized as other players at my position. I've been flying under the radar. It has kind of frustrated me because I play the game and I see all these other guys play when I'm sitting in my hotel room on Saturdays and ...  I never gave up a touchdown. That's all I can say. I don't know what they go off of, but even in Indianapolis on the field with the other players, I felt like I separated myself but it didn't get noticed."

"That's how it has been my whole life," Mitchell said. "I've always been the underdog. I guess it's the role that I have to get used to playing and be ready to ball out when I have to."

Mitchell is currently projected as a round six pick which is a round the Raiders don't have a selection. His improved speed should raise his value but if it doesn't, it's possible he would be available in the seventh round where the Raiders have two picks. If they liked what they saw Monday, he could stay in Northern California as an NFL player.