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Tarell Brown says he will offer to buy 25 from DJ Hayden

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

The first signing the Raiders made this off-season in the secondary was to get 49ers starting corneback, Tarell Brown to cross the bay. He comes to the Raiders on a one-year. $3.5 million deal and is expected to start across from Raiders 2013 first round pick, D.J. Hayden.

Brown doesn't just want to share the field with Hayden, he wants his number. Greg Papa, in an interview Wednesday for 95.7 The Game, asked him if he intended on purchasing the number from Hayden, to which Brown said "Yeah, more than likely."

It's the number he had for seven seasons with the 49ers and he has yet to change his Twitter handle from @TarellBrown25. At University of Texas, he wore number 5. So, clearly he has some attachment to the number.

He originally was said to be wearing the number 23 and that may very well be the number he starts off-season workouts wearing. But he doesn't have any plans on that being his permanent number, saying "I don't know yet. We'll see."

The number 23 was worn by Tracy Porter last season who was also embroiled in a bit of a controversy with his number. He was number 24 when he originally signed with the Raiders but when the team signed Charles Woodson, they took the number from Porter and gave it to the future Hall of Famer who was well known among Raider Nation for wearing 24. Woodson even named his winery after it -- 24 wines -- so he was getting that number back. Porter was not happy that Woodson did not have to try and pry the number from him but the team simply took it without his consent.

It's DJ Hayden who will likely take Porter's starting spot at right corner with Brown on the left. But according to Brown, he can play anywhere the team wants him to play.

"I can play all over the field," he said. "I played in the slot before, early in my career. The 49ers just asked me really to play on the outside, to use my speed a lot more. I can play all over the field, I don't mind which side I play on, I just want to help the team in the best way I can."

The Raiders added his former teammate and fellow starter, Carlos Rogers, who is expected to play in the slot but who also has a lot of experience as a starter on the boundaries.