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Raiders still seeking takers for Terrelle Pryor as deadline approaches

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It is rather comical how the rest of the NFL world is clamoring to cover the supposed breaking news story that the Raiders are trying to trade Terrelle Pryor. Pro Football Talk being the ones that got the hienas picking the carcass when they said "sources" have the Raiders trying to trade Pryor by Monday. That has been the case since Pryor requested to be traded in late January -- three months ago.

The Raiders have been trying to honor his request ever since. The only news now is the deadline is approaching -- that being to have it done prior to the team has their first off-season activities, Aprl 22.

The goal is always to avoid any kind situation where the player wanting out is either sitting at home during these off-season acitivities or in the awkward situation of being at the facility of the team he no longer wants to be a part of. That day is Tuesday, therefore they would like to see if they can deal him by Monday.

Really, just about anything in trade would do. A seventh round pick seems most likely. Even a future pick that is dependent on Pryor making a team would probably do.

If the Raiders can't facilitate a trade, they will very likely release Pryor. The only reason another team would have to offer something is so they wouldn't have to compete with any other teams for his services.

Consider that the Texans were set to release Matt Schaub had the Raiders not made a trade for him. But if that were to happen, they would have had to compete with the Browns for him. So, they outbid the Browns in a trade and sent a 6th round pick to Houston for Schaub.

Pryor's request to be traded came well before the Raiders acquired Schaub. He saw that the team intended on bringing in a veteran and peraps a draft pick. And even as it stood, Matt McGloin was ahead of him on the depth chart. With the addition of a possible high draft pick and a veteran starter, Pryor was looking like a forgotten man, solidly riding the roster bubble heading into camp.

He has one year left on his rookie contract. Any team that trades for him or signs him will be hoping his future more closely resembles the flashes he showed early last season and not his collapse midseason once teams figured out his tendencies.