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Rolando McClain is back in the league

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Despite reports that former Raiders bust linebacker, Rolando McClain, tanked his workout with the Ravens this week, he has been reinstated by the team just in time to take part in their off-season activities.

The former number eight overall pick in the 2010 draft had retired from the NFL last off-season following his third arrest in two years. He had been released by the Raiders last off-season and quickly signed by the Ravens. But before he could even set foot in their locker room, he found himself in trouble again.

This time it was for something colossally stupid. He was pulled over for a tinted window violation and signed the ticket "Fuck Yall" which then turned a traffic ticket into an arrest for giving a false name.

The 24-year-old linebacker said he was retiring to get his life straightened out. He was placed on the reserve/retired list. He said at the time that he would like to play again. Now, after a year, he will have that chance.

In his workout this week, "Fuck Yall" was said to have showed up late to the facility, was out of shape, was unable to finish his conditioning test and didn't go through position drills. Yet again, he is being coddled. The Raiders did that for three years and it looks like the Ravens are in for the same lesson.