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Raiders Free Agency: What's still to address, who's left

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With the DeSean Jackson sweepstakes finally over, it's time to clear our heads and move on. As expected, the Raiders have been very busy this free agent period. They had money to spend and holes to fill and went about using the former to fix the latter.

Of those players who the Raiders have signed, seven were listed on my Free Agent Wishlist including Justin Tuck, Charles Woodson, Pat Sims, James Jones, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Donald Penn. Matt Schaub was listed as well as a possible cut or trade acquisition.

With all of those signings and more, there isn't much left the Raiders need to do in free agency. The only positions they have yet to address this off-season are linebacker and tight end. Linebacker was one of the few stocked positions for the Raiders coming into the off-season but depth is needed. The tight end position has a lot of potential but nothing certain.

Here's what's out there at both positions who are worth a look from the Raiders

Tight end

Owen Daniels, 31 - The 8-year NFL veteran has had Matt Schaub as his quarterback for the past seven seasons. Even last year when Schaub was benched, Daniels had already been lost for the season so he wasn't catching passes from Case Keenum. You could say the two of them have a lot of chemistry. The move to add Daniels made sense even before the Raiders acquired Schaub, it makes simply too much sense now. He is 31-years-old and his injury last season was a fractured tibia so there is no real risk there.


Bear Pascoe, 28 - Won't blow your socks off as a receiver but is a good blocker. Does a bit of everything.

Matthew Mulligan 29 - Would be employed mainly for his blocking abilities.


Dan Connor - The more time goes by, the more Connor will be itching to be part of an NFL team. The off-season program is not far away and no NFL veteran likes to be unemployed when they could be on a squad, trying to prove they deserve a spot on the roster. Connor has bounced around to three teams the past couple seasons but he offers a nice option at middle linebacker behind Nick Roach or possibly competing for a starting job.


Erin Henderson, 28 - This would be taking a real flier for the Raiders. He was cut by the Vikings after two DUI arrests in three months. He could be worth a low-risk deal to see if he could turn things around. He would be depth and competition with Kevin Burnett at weakside linebacker.

Jonathan Vilma, 32 - Has had some injury problems, but one of the best in the game when healthy. Dennis Allen was DB coach in New Orleans during which time Vilma went to two Pro Bowls and they won a Super Bowl with him as starting middle linebacker.