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Raider Draft Radar 2014: Running back

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We continue with the Raider Draft Radar series, moving on to the running backs.

There are some intriguing running backs in this class but not many fit the bill for the Raiders. With the off-season additions of Maurice Jones-Drew and CFL star running back, Kory Sheets, running back is down the list a ways as far as major needs. With that in mind, it would have to be a guy they really like who is shockingly still on the board for them to set aside greater needs in favor of taking a running back.

That being said, here are the backs in this draft who look to fall squarely in the Raiders draft radar along with what round they would be most likely chosen.

Lache Seastrunk, Baylor - Round 3

The most electric running back in this class and looks the part. He is short and stocky (5-9, 210 pounds), and can fly. Once he hits the hole or gets the edge, he can get up to speed quickly and hits another gear. He has a compact frame, fluid movement, and runs with good pad level. Some question his ability to find small creases inside the line due to the spread offense he played in at Baylor, but it's hard to fault a guy for that. His issues are mostly to do with a tendency to try to do too much. He will dance around behind the line sometimes, looking for the big play instead of taking the yardage first available. That's a common issue with players with his abilities and is easily fixable with proper coaching. It would also chance pretty fast once he discovers that dancing doesn't work so often at the NFL level.

Terrance West, Towson - Round 4

I'll be the first to say that this guy may very well not be on the board in round four. But if he is, he has got to be a very serious consideration. He played at FCS school Towson but that does little to diminish what he accomplished and the obvious tremendous talent he possesses. He had over 1,000 yards in his first two seasons and last year ran for an incredible 2,519 yards with 41 touchdowns... FORTY ONE. He doesn't have the instant burst of speed like Lache Seastrunk but he is also two inches taller (5-11) than Seastrunk and ten pounds heavier (220 pounds).

Rajion Neal, Tennessee - Round 7

Had a solid senior season with 1,124 rushing yards with 12 touchdowns. He has decent size at 5-11, 212 pounds but more importantly, he uses it well. He has ok speed (4.56 40-yard-dash) and will always get the most out of every run by pushing forward and continuing to churn his legs to get extra yardage. He's solid in most areas including pass blocking and blitz pickup. These traits make him capable of being a three down back or at very least a valuable asset in a committee backfield. Tennessee is also Reggie McKenzie's alma mater, so you know he was watching.