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With Coliseum City commitment deadline passed, Raiders wait on A's

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The deadline for submitting the letter of intent for the Oakland sports team who wish to opt into the new 600 acre Coliseum City project was Monday. It came and went with no letters submitted. That alone would seem to suggest the Raiders, A's, and Warriors are not interested in going forward with it but sources close to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chroniclesuggest that is not really the case.

Though the Warriors appear intent on moving to San Francisco, the Raiders are still very much interested in being a part of this project. They missed submitting their letter at the deadline because of the indecision by the A's.

"It's nebulous and it's not a Letter of Intent," a source told Tafur. He went on to say that owner Mark Davis is waiting to see what the Oakland A's are going to do.

Colony Capital, the development team, was supposed to turn in the Letter of Interest from one of Oakland's three sports teams to the city of Oakland by Monday. But the Golden State Warriors made new and more realistic plans to move to San Francisco and the A's asked for, received and turned down a 10-year lease offer.

Which leaves Coliseum City a big enough question mark that the Raiders saw a Letter of Interest as pointless. Will there be one stadium or two, and what will the parking situation be? How can the Raiders go forward, team officials said, without knowing the answer to those questions?

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I had said months ago that the most likely temporary home for the Raiders would be the newly renovated Memorial Stadium at Cal Berkeley. Tafur's source confirmed that plan.

For now the Raiders are in a waiting game with the A's. They aren't going to re-up with the Coliseum and they still have some interest in trying to get a stadium built near Jack London Square in Oakland. But right now the most solid plan may be the Coliseum City project. And until the Raiders and A's both sit down with Colony Capital, this thing is very much in the air.