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49ers looking to trade up with Raiders in draft? How much would it cost?

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Jed Jacobsohn

Chris Mortenson said today that he has heard numerous times that the 49ers are looking to do something big in the draft. He also said their target is Mike Evans. To get Evans, they would have to trade up quite high and supposedly the Raiders are open to trading down.

Certainly it's possible. How likely, is the question.

The 49ers have a lot of picks in this draft -- 11 in total including six in the top three rounds -- and according to the draft value chart, it would cost every single one of them (aside from the compensatory pick which ins't tradable) to move up to the fifth overall pick. And even then, the value would fall just short.

The fifth overall pick holds a value of 1700 according to the chart (which is a guideline, not a hard fast rule). The entirety of the 49ers 10 tradable picks adds up to about 1650.

The Raiders sit with the fifth overall pick. The 49ers have the 30th overall pick. Then they have two picks in the second round (56, 61), three picks in the third round (77, 94, 100 comp pick). Then they have a fourth round pick (129), fifth round pick (170), and three seventh round picks (242, 243, 245).

It seems highly unlikely the 49ers would go all Mike Ditka and trade their entire draft to move up for Mike Evans. How much seems logical? let's examine.

Last year the Raiders had the third overall pick and traded with the Dolphins to move down to 12 overall. In the deal, they also received the Dolphins second round pick at 42 overall. The Raiders got jobbed according to the value chart. The 3 pick is worth 2200 and the 12 and 42 picks add up to 1680. Therefore the chart isn't incredibly reliable to decide exactly what the Raiders would receive.

Make no mistake, it will cost a lot to move up to that spot. If I were to hazard a guess, the 49ers would have to give up their picks at 30, 56, 61, 77, and 170. That would still leave the 49ers with a decent looking draft with picks in Round 1 (5), two in round 3 (94, 100), round 4 (129), and three in round 7 (242, 243, and 245).

This trade would have the Raiders' draft looking like this:

Round 1, pick 30
Round 2, pick 36
Round 2, pick 56
Round 2, pick 61
Round 3, pick 67
Round 3, pick 77
Round 4, pick 107
Round 5, pick 170
Round 7, pick 219
Round 7, pick 235
Round 7, pick 243

This type deal seems possible especially as deep as this draft is. The Raiders draft value chart would have the Raiders giving up 1700 points and receiving 1561 which is much less of a disparity than last year's draft trade. All the while they would have 11 picks in draft with a record number of underclassmen which is deep at most positions.

The 49ers would get the player they want and who they think could put them over the hump while still keeping some semblance of a draft and the Raiders get a lot of draft picks to use to help with the rebuild. Everyone wins.