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Get your "The Throwaways" T-shirt right here

The Raiders have signed quite a few veteran NFL players this off-season and the recurring theme among them is their drive to prove to the teams that gave up on them that they made a big mistake. The question comes up every time they speak to the media and this week Maurice Jones-Drew put a name on it - "The Throwaways".

"It's OK every now and then to be the bad guy, I guess," said Jones-Drew. "We're just kind of the throwaways it seems like.

"I've said it multiple times, everybody here has something to prove. We all know we have something left, whether it was a bad year last year or things didn't work out from another team, whatever it may be. As a whole, we're fighting for the same thing, which is respect."

This sums up the feeling of each and every one of the older veterans who saw their former team either show little interest in bringing them back or cut them outright as if they had nothing left to contribute. The term is the rallying cry of this Raiders free agent class which looks to perhaps make up half the team's starters this coming season.

Justin Tuck was not shown any love by the Giants after nine years of service and helping them win two Super Bowls. Donald Penn was rooted out after one bad season despite the former Pro Bowler have started every single game at left tackle for the Buccaneers the past six seasons. Lamarr Woodley is another former Pro Bowler who was cut. Antonio Smith was simply let go because the Texans wanted to move on from the 32-year-old.

They're angry and as I noted when I first heard MJD say those words, it sounded like the movie "The Expendables". So, in that style, these new Raiders vets can go about this season ready to prove these "Throwaways" are going to kick your ass and then throw it in your face.

With this T-shirt the fans can join the movement to show their support and build a groundswell as only Raider Nation can. It comes in two colors -- sport grey (pictured above) and, of course, black with skull and cross swords above "The Throwaways" and MJD's words below it.

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