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Buzz building for Raiders to trade down in draft

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As the draft approaches, the rumblings, rumors, and buzz really begins to pick up. Teams know who they want and they begin to figure out how they can possibly get them. Recently Chris Mortensen said he was hearing the 49ers were looking to move up in the draft. He also said the Raiders were "open for business". And with the 49ers possessing 11 draft picks, they have the ammunition.

But it isn't just the 49ers who could look to move up. In recent days other teams have been rumored to look to move up for the Raiders number five spot.'s Gil Brandt was asked today if he saw the Raiders staying at the number five pick and Brandt responded saying there is a great deal of interest from many other teams to make a deal with the Raiders:

This is not only a very deep draft, but there is a lot of great talent at the top of it. That means some great talent, and in some cases the best player at their position, will be on the board at the five pick including possibly the top left tackles, top quarterbacks.

The Raiders could parlay the considerable interested teams against each other and come out set up for not just this draft but future drafts as well. Trading down may not be the most sexy thing to do but stocking up on draft picks and building a solid team out of it is very sexy.