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Sammy Watkins makes a lot of sense for Raiders after missing on Desean Jackson

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Streeter Lecka

Desean Jackson would have been an excellent addition to the Oakland Raiders but it wasn't meant to be. He would have been the number 1 receiver the Raiders still don't really have, and he would have spread the field in a way that none of the other receivers except for maybe Denarius Moore are capable of. However, Desean was not the only option if the Raiders really want to add a player like that.

Another option for a dynamic playmaker with the natural speed and ability to take the top off the defense is available in the draft, and he doesn't come with the question marks that Desean Jackson would have came with. Sammy Watkins out of Clemson is a player that could provide that elite option for Oakland, though to get him it would take the number 5 pick and even that might not be enough.

The Raiders have a lot of options with their number 5 pick, and it is really hard to argue against any of the players that they will end up drafting. Sammy Watkins is a playmaker that would excite the fanbase, and that is a necessity with whoever ends up coming to the Bay. Sammy was already being touted as a top option for the Raiders, after missing out on the Desean Sweepstakes that possibility just got increased.

Though Watkins was already a very real option for Oakland, now the team witnessed how much the fanbase wants a receiver with the abilities that Desean and Sammy Watkins both offer. With that in mind it now makes even more sense to go with the receiver out of Clemson.

To the idea of being a Raider, Mr. Watkins says "Why Not?":

Oakland missed out on a player with similar attributes but with a checkered past, now they have a chance to make up for that miss by adding a player that comes without the character question marks. Unfortunately this year we have to wait all the way into May before we find out, but many of us fans will be awfully excited if when draft day comes we hear:

"With the #5 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select, Sammy Watkins Wide Receiver out of Clemson"

Even if Watkins isn't the number one option you want to see be a Raider in this year's draft, you still have to admit that he would look damn good in the Silver and Black. After the uproar the fans had at the opportunity to add Desean Jackson it is hard to imagine very many fans would be upset at adding a talented player like Sammy. I know I wouldn't be.