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Get your "Tuck Rules" T-shirt right here

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The Raiders made Justin Tuck a priority this off-season and in honor of the 2-time Super Bowl winning pass rusher joining donning the Silver & Black, we present the TUCK RULES T-shirt.

For Raiders fans the infamous Tuck rule game was a black mark on their history. The rarely called and now former rule was used in the 2001 playoffs to rob the Raiders of beating the Patriots in New England in a game that would have resulted in a Raiders victory while also keeping the Patriots dynasty from starting. The Patriots went on to *win the Super Bowl that year.

Charles Woodson, who is entering his farewell season with the Raiders on his way to the Hall of Fame, was the one who strip sacked Brady on that play.

Justin Tuck has joined Woodson and the Raiders and he knows a thing or two about sacking Tom Brady. He showed Brady a new kind of Tuck rule when he sacked him a combined four times to help lead the Giants to two Super Bowl victories over the Patriots. He found out the hard way that Tuck very much rules.

Now, THAT's the kind of Tuck Rule Raiders fans can get behind.

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