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Raiders select Justin Ellis with pick 107

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The Raiders have selected a massive defensive tackle in the fourth round, further solidifying their defensive line.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So far the Raiders have drafted two very safe players in Khalil Mack and Gabe Jackson and one risk with Derek Carr, who has the potential to be very good down the road. With pick 108 in the fourth round the Raiders have added to the group by selecting...

Justin Ellis, DT, Louisiana Tech

The Raiders had a big need at defensive tackle, lacking much quality depth or starters for the future. Ellis is a massive defensive tackle at 6'3" and 334 pounds. He was very productive in college and was seen as a potential third-round pick, so for Oakland to get him here seems like great value.

Ellis made big impressions at the Senior Bowl practices and the East-West Game. He has a big mean streak and is nearly impossible to move from a spot once he decides to stay there, in addition to being nearly impossible to stop once he gets his massive frame moving in one direction.

Ellis has a variety of rush moves and a high football IQ, knowing how to attack blockers. He should be a valuable member of the defensive line going forward and a future stalwart at defensive tackle.