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Raiders select Keith McGill with Pick 116

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The Raiders have selected Keith McGill with their second pick of the fourth round.

George Frey

Following the pick of DT Justin Ellis, the Raiders have picked...

Keith McGill, CB, Utah

McGill is a big cornerback from Utah who is good in press coverage. He bolsters a Raider DB corps which needed quality depth. McGill is listed at 6'3" and 211 pounds, which puts him squarely in the new prototype of defensive backs, tall and rangy and strong. McGill had good acceleration and speed but has rangy arms which he tends to use to make arm tackles. His main weakness is that those lunging arm tackles don't always work. He is excellent at batting down passes but doesn't have elite hands for interceptions.

McGill runs a 4.44 forty and has played safety before in his collegiate career, making him a very versatile player who could reasonably fill in at any defensive back slot including nickel back. A shoulder injury earlier in his career dictated his move to CB and left him something less than a big hitter, but his height and ball skills are second to none. He compares favorably to Nnamdi Asomugha and Brandon Browner.