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Raiders sign son of legend George Atkinson

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The first running back off the board in this draft didn't get selected until the end of the latter part of the second round (54th overall) when the Titans took him off the board. That was the lowest point in the draft ever for the first running back to come off the board and it meant a domino effect for the rest of the class.

One such running back was Notre Dame's George Atkinson III, son of the Raiders legendary defensive back. He was already viewed as a late round pick and ended up falling out of the draft altogether. Once that happened, it seemed obvious where he would be going -- to join his dad in Oakland.

No sooner did the draft end but Atkinson III announced he was joining the Raiders. Reggie McKenzie said he couldn't officially announce the signing, saying too often players appear to be coming to the team and things fall through. But with George Atkinson senior having an active role in the Raiders organization, he said the Raiders do have some pretty good information on him and with the young running back having let the cat out of the bad, he said "He better not reneg."

The Raiders have long been known for their loyalty to former players -- Reggie McKenzie himself is a former player -- and that often extends to their family.

Atkinson will join a crowded backfield in Oakland but will have a legitimate shot at earning a spot on the roster.