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Raiders UDFA player profile WR Mike Davis out of Texas

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Erich Schlegel

Mike Davis, WR out of Texas, is probably the best UDFA that the Raiders brought in. He received All-Big12 honors 3 times at the University of Texas and he has close connections to NFL receivers Dez Bryant for the Cowboys and Michael Crabtree for the 49ers. The 6ft, 197lb receiver is naturally talented but under-achieved on a dysfunctional Texas Longhorns team.

Coming out of high-school Davis was the number 4 ranked prospect in Texas. He originally committed to LSU but reneged and went to Texas. The thing that Davis is most impressive at is his ability on vertical routes to catch the ball over his shoulder. The rest of his routes need work though.

You don't usually expect to see a player of Davis' quality to go undrafted but that is what happens in a draft as deep as this was at the receiver position. Mike did not get to participate at the combine because of a stress fracture in his foot, and then to make matters worse he did not perform great at his Pro Day. Between the talent at the draft and the lack of wowing scouts when he did workout it is not a surprise that he ended up not being drafted.

Even though he wasn't drafted, afterwards he was one of the top UDFA players available. His natural ability shows on the field and his wide catching radius is impressive. He is also a good blocker on the outside. However, he is not as good of a hands catcher as you would expect and will end up dropping some catches.

Mike's connections to Dez Bryant and Michael Crabtree are deep. All three of those players were taken in by the same man, David Wells. They have a family dynamic where Crabtree and Bryant both think of Mike Davis as a little brother. They are two of the best wide receivers in the NFL and are there to help him become the player he is capable of being.

It will be interesting to see what Mike is able to accomplish through training camp. He never turned the next step that he was believed to be capable of at Texas, but neither did a lot of players at Texas. The team was on a downward spiral under their long time coach Mack Brown who was constantly being criticized about his job being in jeopardy.

No matter what Mike Davis did or did not do at Texas, now he has his shot at the NFL. If he is going to become the player that he could be it will have to be now. He has a lot of work to do, we will see if he is able to put that work in. If he does he will be another UDFA success for Reggie McKenzie.