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Mike Evans scouting report

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Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M


6'5", 231 lbs

40-yard dash: 4.53


2013: 12 TD, 1,394 YDS, 69 REC, 20.2 AVG

2012: 5 TD, 1,105 YDS, 82 REC, 13.5 AVG


2013: First-Team All-American, First-Team All-SEC, Biletnikoff Award Finalist, Maxwell Award Semifinalist, Walter Camp Award Semifinalist

2012: First-Team All-SEC


What do Calvin JohnsonBrandon MarshallA.J. Green and Vincent Jackson all have in common? They are all 6'4" or taller. Mike Evans is a huge wide receiver from Texas A&M listed at 6'5", 231 lbs. Just his size alone makes him a match-up nightmare for NFL cornerbacks (average height of 5'10"). Add on to that size a 37 inch vertical and Evans is almost unstoppable when given a jump ball. He has great control of his body and catches the ball at it's highest point. Evans has reliable hands and is a solid route-runner. He plays physical making him tough to press. For his size, Evans has impressive speed.



Evans is a long strider which slows down his acceleration. Because of this, he will have to make a living in traffic in the NFL. Evans will have to learn the full route tree, as he often relied on the scrambling of Johnny Manziel to get open.

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