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Video: Reggie McKenzie son Kahlil dominant in Oakland Nike Football Training Camp

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Dennis Lee

When Reggie McKenzie took over as the Raiders' general manager two seasons ago, his son Kahlil was playing for Southwest high school in Green Bay. After his sophomore season there, the McKenzie family made the move to the Bay Area and Kahlil transferred Bay Area football powerhouse De LaSalle High School. It's the same high school that has produced NFL players such as Raiders running back Maurice Jones-Drew and seventh round pick T.J. Carrie.

Now heading into his senior season, Kahlil is a 4-star defensive line recruit. He recently showed off his skills at the Oakland Nike Football Training Camp at Chabot College in nearby Hayward. One of SB Nation's own recruiting experts Wescott Eberts was there to catch some of Kahlil McKenzie's pass rushing prowess against some other top high school talent.

Eberts posted several Vine videos of the 6-4, 330-pound defensive lineman treating offensive linemen like rag dolls and having his way with them. Here are those videos:

Eberts refers to Kahlil's efforts as "domination" which as you can see is a pretty accurate description. He told me McKenzie, is now up to 330 pounds and "carries it really well." He doesn't look 330 pounds in the video because he is well proportioned. But if you look at the offensive linemen he dwarfs, you can see it.

Kahlil has not committed to a college as of yet. He has taken visits to several of the top schools in the nation and many suspect he is leaning toward Tennessee which is his dad's alma mater. From the looks of it, if he were to join his dad in Oakland four years from now, they may have to have a pretty high draft pick to get him.