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Photo gallery: Raiders new additions in first OTA

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The Raiders had their first OTA practice last week. It was the first chance we had to see all the Raiders' new faces and I was there to capture it and put it in a photo gallery. Here is a first look at many of the Raiders' new faces.

First up are the two free agent wide receiver additions.

James Jones shows off his throwing arm while Greg Little uses nice technique to reach up and pull in a high pass.

After that it's a couple of the Raider's draft choices.

Derek Carr drops back to pass with Matt Schaub in the background shadowing each other.

The next photo is of fourth round pick, Keith McGill. The 6-3 cornerback towered over most of his fellow defensive backs. Here he goes through interception drills.

Then it's a couple of undrafted free agent rookies. Seth Roberts makes a move in receiving drills, while Noel Grigsby awaits the arrival of a pass. Then Janson Watsen backpeddles in defensive back drills.

Finished up by newcomber Jared Green pulling in a pass.