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Photos: Raiders LB Khalil Mack at NFL Rookie Premiere

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The NFLPA held their annual Rookie Premiere event this weekend in Los Angeles and Raiders fifth overall pick Khalil Mack took part in it. He as well as the NFLPA tweeted out a few pictures of him at the event. Here are those pictures:

First up was workshops where Mack was captured being captivated by the words of Keith Gordon.

After that, they headed for the memorabilia to put give their autographs.

Topps got this Vine video of Mack leaving his mark on their cards.

And I bet many of you would like to get your hands on that card in the right with Khalil Mack, Mike Evans, and Eric Ebron on it.

Then it was on to the interview sessions with various media outlets including Mack's meeting with SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein and Ryan Van Bibber.

It was photo time after that. Most importantly, the group photo of all the rookies on hand as taken by Panini as well as the NFLPA. Mack is on the right end, second row.

Then one Mack himself posted while he was suited up in jersey and pads.