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Cody Hoffman scouting report

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Cody Hoffman, WR, BYU


6'4", 223 lbs

40-yard Dash: 4.65


2013: 5 TD, 894 YDS, 57 REC, 15.7 AVG

2012: 11 TD, 1,248 YDS, 100 REC, 12.5 AVG

2011: 10 TD, 943 YDS, 61 REC, 15.5 AVG

2010: 7 TD, 527 YDS, 42 REC, 12.5 AVG


2013:  FBS All-Independent Team Honorable Mention, Phil Steele All-Independent First Team

2012: All-America honorable mention, Phil Steele All-Independent First Team, FBS All-Independent Team

2011: Phil Steele All-Independent First Team, FBS All-Independent Team


The one thing that cannot be taught is size. Cody Hoffman has an outstanding frame with long arms. He has the physical mold to be a dominant receiver in the NFL. Hoffman is very effective in the red zone where he uses his large body to boxout opponents. He has a very high ceiling because of his size. He is tough blocker that shows fantastic effort, even when he is not getting the ball. Has experience returning kickoffs and punts. Very tough and durable as he played through a shoulder injury in 2011 and 2012. He has consistent hands and uses his large winspan to pluck balls out of the air. Hoffman finished his career at BYU with 260 receptions for 3,612 yards and 33 touchdowns.

But Hoffman also has his negatives.

He does not have breakway speed (4.62 40-Yd Dash)  and lacks the acceleration necessary to create seperation. Hoffman is not very elusive and does not obtain many yards after the catch. Most of his receptions are contested. He needs to improve route running. Has limited explosion and only average leaping ability (27.5 inch vertical jump).

Hoffman will be a project because he needs to improve his acceleration and route running. But he has rare physical skills and excellent hand-eye coordination. While most seventh round picks do not even make the team, Cody Hoffman has the potential to become a starter within three years. Watch his games against Washington (shown below), Tulsa and New Mexico State where he shows the talent of a third round pick, even though he is projected to land in the seventh round.

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