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Kory Sheets arrested for possession of marijuana in Canada

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Jeff Gross

Kory Sheets is being given a chance to make an NFL team again, but he just made a dumb mistake north of the border. He was arrested and given an Absolute Discharge after pleading guilty to possession of marijuana after being pulled over for speeding, this according to the Estevan Mercury.

Kory was pulled over for speeding but after the officer approached the vehicle there was a noticable smell of marijuana. After being asked about it Sheets produced 2 marijuana joints and a small canister, the total weight confiscated equaling 6.4 grams. He was released on $500 bail, agreed to donate $300 to Students Against Drunk Driving, and his license was suspended for 24 hours while he sobered up.

Marijuana is nothing new to professional athletes, nor college ones either after 13 NFL draft prospects failed their drug tests at the combine. It isn't so much a problem with the drug which has been on a path to legalization in many states in one form or another though, its risking so much by using it during a time where they are hoping to make an NFL team that is the real problem.

With Kory Sheets being signed already to an NFL contract with the Oakland Raiders he will likely be subject to some sort of discipline from the league. The first offense to the NFL's drug policy usually results in a 4 game suspension to start Week 1 of the regular season. The NFL has not commented on anything regarding Sheets as of yet.

Kory still has to make the Raiders roster for any type of punishment to matter. Also, it could come into play that this offense was in Canada where he was given an Absolute Discharge for the occurrence. This means the case is officially closed and sometimes means there is no conviction for a crime despite a guilty plea. If this is the case it could change the NFL's stance on punishment though he likely will still face some sort of penalty from the Commissioner.

Another player who was battling for a roster spot last year that had been given a 4 game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy was WR Andre Holmes. Ironically the suspension may have helped him make the team because he did not count against the roster until after the suspension so the Raiders had an extra 4 weeks to make a decision on him. The same circumstances could play out again this year for Kory Sheets.