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Will Mark Davis insist on drafting Derek Carr in the first round?

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What The Oakland Raiders might see in Derek Carr

Will Derek Carr be drafted in the first round by the Oakland Raiders?
Will Derek Carr be drafted in the first round by the Oakland Raiders?
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

SB Nation Writer, James Brady, has uncovered a rumor that Mark Davis may be putting pressure on the front office to draft Former Fresno State Quarterback, Derek Carr. Mark Davis May Be Pressuring To Draft Derek Carr

As a Raider fan, I have to say that, I would be delighted to have someone of Derek's caliber running this team. Not only is his football pedigree sound, (I don't want to hear about how his brother flamed out...He had the worst line in history), but, the person that he is off the field is something that I can really rally around.

I had no idea about his personal story until I saw the video below yesterday and also read the story on Mocking The Draft

Despite going through multiple surgeries with his newborn son, he was still able to pass for 50 touchdowns with only eight interceptions and his qb rating was 156.1. This includes a 5TD 1INT performance against Rutgers while he was in the throws of dealing with his son's illness.

For reference, in David Carr's best college season he threw 46 TDs with 9 picks.

I like what I've seen on tape and he has all of the intangibles in the pocket that can translate to a high level of success at the next level.

With Matt Schaub set to start for the next two seasons and Matt McGloin being a serviceable back-up (Or even an unstoppable force), I can see Derek Carr getting a year or two to cut his teeth and being our quarterback into the next decade.

Obviously, best case scenario would be for the Raiders to trade down, pick up an additional second rounder, and still nab Derek Carr (In fact, I think that is probably their plan, a la Hayden last year), but, IF Clowney, Mack and Watkins are off the board, I would welcome Derek Carr with the fifth pick. How about you?

There may not be a larger rising star in the 2014 NFL Draft than Derek Carr.