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Raiders 2014 draft primer

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Everything Raiders fans need to know heading into the 2014 NFL draft.

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The day many of you have been waiting impatiently for is finally here - Draft day. These off-seasons were already long enough without Roger Goodell deciding to move the draft back two weeks. But you survived even without most of your fingernails.

The extra two weeks gave me time to discover how many veins I had in my eyes and test the strength of my desk vs my head. Both useful endeavors.

You will have to wait a few more hours, however, as the first round of the draft is a prime time affair. Here is the entire draft schedule:

Thursday, 5:00pm Pacific - Round 1

Friday, 4:00pm Pacific - Rounds 2 and 3

Saturday, 9:00am Pacific - Rounds 4-7

The first five picks are as follows:

1. Houston Texans

2. St Louis Rams (from Redskins)

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

4. Cleveland Browns

5. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders have a total of seven picks in this draft. Here are the current picks the Raiders have:

Round 1, pick 5

Round 2, pick 36

Round 3, pick 67

Round 4, pick 107

Round 7, pick 219

Round 7, pick 235 (from ARI)

Round 7, pick 247 (from SEA)

The Raiders have no selections in round 5 and 6. The round 5 pick was sent to the Seattle in the 2013 Matt Flynn trade. The round 6 pick was sent to Houston in the Matt Schaub trade.

Pick 235 came from the 2013 trade that sent Carson Palmer to Arizona. Pick 247 came from the trade that sent Terrelle Pryor to Seattle.

Here's how the Raiders top five draft board looks like as I see it:

1. Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

2. Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

3. Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo

4. Blake Bortles, QB, Central Florida

5. Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

Trading down is also an option which would open up other possibilities at later picks. There are some very good players at the top of this draft who could still be available at the fifth overall pick which would entice a team to trade up to get them. If the price is right and/or the Raiders aren't enamored with the players on the board, they could pull the trigger. The most ambitious move that has been mentioned is a trade with the 49ers at 30th overall. But there could also some good options that would keep the Raiders in the top half of the first round.

You can see our draft big board top 100 players to the right. You can also see who I project as the top 100 players taken in the draft in my final 3-round mock draft.

The thing about the Raiders needs in this draft is they are many but few if any are desperate needs. The team spent the off-season free agent period setting themselves up to not have to draft at any particular position out of desperation.

The primary need positions at which the Raiders have stack up like this: QB, DE, DT, CB, WR, OT, FS.

Really the only positions the Raiders are not expected to look at adding a player are fullback, center, kicker, and punter. They also have long term starters at strong safety and strong side linebacker. You can see a pre-draft position by position breakdown here.

You can also head over to the Raiders 2014 draft hub where all of our Raiders draft coverage is kept all nice, neat, and tidy in one place for easy browsing.

We here are Silver & Black Pride will have all hands on deck to bring you the best damn draft coverage anywhere. I will be at Raiders headquarters during the draft to bring you the latest out of Raiderland. To take that coverage to the next level, you can always follow me on Twitter by clicking the little button below.