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S&BP staff instant reaction to Raiders second round

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Ethan Miller

The Raiders pick at 36 was looking pretty good with the level of talent still available when the first round ended. The one pick everyone was watching was Derek Carr who many had as a first round talent. And that was who the Raiders grabbed with their pick.

In Derek Carr the Raiders get the guy they had their eye on all along. I had him as the Raiders target in the second round in my Raider Draft Radar on quarterbacks. The question all along was whether he would be there.

Carr put up monster numbers at Fresno State throwing for over 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns as a senior. In his press conference, Carr said he has been watching NFL film since he was 12-years-old because his older brother David was drafted in 2002 to the Houston Texans.

Heading into his senior season, his biggest concern was his footwork. He focused on improving in that area and his performance and numbers jumped to elite levels because of it.

This is a great pick by draft standards because Carr was the top player on the board and it is the quarterback of the future the team absolutely needed to draft this year.

Here is what the staff thinks about the pick:


I like the pick of Carr to the Raiders. I predicted it last night as did a lot of others. It makes sense, as Carr was clearly the best quarterback remaining on the board. His brother failed for two reasons- he was thrust into the starting job on a terrible team immediately and he had the worst offensive line ever. Derek won't have either of those issues, as he can sit and learn for at least a year behind Matt Schaub and the Raiders' offensive line isn't bad. Carr will have to show the coaches that he has what it takes to be the starter of the future, but Raider fans generally respect the opinion of Jon Gruden and Gruden loves Derek Carr after working him out. Good enough for me.

Jeff Spiegel

Love the pick. With Carr, the Raiders got first-round talent without having to reach or spent their top-five pick.

While there are still other positions of need, Carr was a guy they liked and a guy who can hopefully be the quarterback of the future in a couple years. Ideally, you draft a quarterback a year or two before you need him - which is exactly where Oakland is at.

Tyler Green

Carr has one of the highest ceilings of any quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft. He has a cannon arm and good accuracy. "Carr is the most natural thrower in the draft" according to Kurt Warner. But if Carr wants to find success in the NFL, he will need to improve his decision making when under pressured. He panics when the pocket collapses on him.

Overall, this pick is an easy A. While Marqise Lee would have been nice, the Raiders need a quarterback of the future. If the Raiders sit Carr under Matt Schaub for a year or two and let him develop in the system, he could become a Pro Bowl player in four or five years.

Marcus Allen Krause

Picking Derek Carr in the 1st round would have been a reach unless it was at the end of the round, but getting him in the 2nd is a straight up steal. Derek's biggest criticism is that his brother flamed out as a number 1 pick for the Houston Texans, and that is entirely unfair to him.

Derek has really great arm strength first and foremost. He looks completely effortless throwing the long bomb and as a Raiders fan I definitely can appreciate that. Most surprising for Carr is that he is actually a very good athlete too with under rated speed. He could turn out to be the best QB in the draft.