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Falcons save Raiders from Hard Knocks life in 2014

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Scott Cunningham

It has been decided and HBO's hit show "Hard Knocks" will take its cameras to Atlanta where this season's show will focus around the Falcons. The Raiders were on their radar but were opposed to the idea of being featured on the show.

The reason the Raiders were a possibility was because due to a lack of teams volunteering to be a part of the show, the NFL put down a mandate that Hard Knocks could choose which team they wanted to feature. It couldn;t be any of the 32 teams in the NFL. Most teams were exempt.

Those exempt were teams with a new head coach, had made the playoffs in the past two years, or had appeared on the show in the past ten years. That left just eight teams eligible for the show. The Raiders were one of them.

In the end it was the Falcons who stepped up and took on the cameras. They were exempt from appearing due to having been in the playoffs in 2012.

The Raiders were considered a pretty enticing option for Hard Knocks, as one can imagine. Heck, they are even clamping down on media tweeting during practice. Having a TV show around would be a much larger invasion. But for now, they have the Falcons to thank for keeping the cameras away from their rebuilding project.