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Heat vs Spurs NBA Finals game 5 open thread

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Chat with Raiders fans during game 5 of the 2014 NBA Finals between the Heat and Spurs

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat head to San Antonio for game five with the Spurs up 3-1 and looking to close out the series. The Spurs have only lost two games at home in these playoffs, though one of those games was their loss to the Heat in game two.

Game four quickly turned into a route by the Spurs and sent the message that though the Heat have the stars, the Spurs have the savvy and play like a well-oiled machine.

The Heat are the defending champs and are known for bouncing back after losses. Lebron James usually sees to it that they have a short memory and return to form quickly. But to beat the Spurs now will take a lot more than just Lebron James. For instance, in their one win in this series, it was Chris Bosh showing some rare aggressive play and acting like the third in the supposed "Big Three". The flipside of that is disappearance of Dwyane Wade in game four which contributed greatly to the blowout loss.

The game starts at 5:00pm Pacific Time.

Oh, and Happy Fathers Day to all you good dads out there.